Notes for Contributors

Interested in contributing to STAIR? Below find a short summary of our style, as well as a more complete style guide.

Please make sure that your citations fit out style guide before submission.

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Reprint Requests: If you have previously published with STAIR, and would like to list your work on your institutional repository or as a chapter in a book, you must submit a reprint request.  All requests for permission to reprint or republish the Contribution not covered by the provisions of the preceding paragraph, whether in paper or electronic form, must be made in writing (by mail, email, or fax). To request permission to reprint or republish, please provide the following information:

·            Name of author; Title of article; Volume number, page number, year;

·            Indicate if request is to reprint or republish in print, electronic, CD-ROM, and/or other format;

·            Indicate if request is to reprint or republish all or portion of article;

·            Indicate the title of publication and the name of the publisher;

·            Indicate whether or not a fee will be charged for the publication.

If permission to reprint or republish the article is granted, an appropriate acknowledgement must be given to stair in the form of the following statement prominently displayed on the paper itself:

“Reprinted with permission from: Author. Title of Article. St. Antony's International Review (stair); Vol: No. Year, pages. © Year by St. Antony's International Review”