STAIR Leadership Elections Now Open

The St Antony’s International Review (STAIR) is recruiting a new leadership team for the academic year (2018-2019). We invite applications from a wide range of backgrounds and colleges who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of academic publishing. Previously elected members of the leadership team will help you transition into your new roles.

STAIR is the University of Oxford’s peer-reviewed journal of international affairs. Founded by graduate students of St Antony’s College in 2005, STAIR has carved out a distinctive niche as a cross-disciplinary outlet for research on the most pressing contemporary global issues, providing a forum in which emerging scholars can publish their work alongside established academics and policymakers. Distinguished past contributors include John Baylis, Alexander Betts, Charlotte Hess, Robert Keohane, Richard Ned Lebow, and Sarah Percy.

Executive Committee Positions:

  • Treasurer: Manages STAIR’s finances
  • Subscription, Sales and Marketing Officer: Manages sales, subscriptions and advertisement
  • Webmaster: Manages our website and online presence
  •  Production Editor: Manages the technical layout and production of the journal. Experience with Adobe suite is an asset, but not a requirement
  • Public Relations Officer: Organize and publicize the launch events and any other public events hosted by STAIR. Work to represent STAIR to the world.

Editorial Board Positions:

  • Chief Copy Editor: Performs final checks of correct format and style of articles selected for publication. We will elect several people to this position
  • General Section Editor: Manages and edits all aspects of the general section for both the February 2018 and May 2018 issue. We will elect several people to this position
  • Theme Section Editor: See next page for application
  •  Events Lead: Leads in the logistics and organization of STAIR events
  •  Book Reviews Editor: Manages and edits book reviews for the journal


To run for a position:

1.     Email by 23:59 on Friday 11th May (Week 3), stating which position(s) you are interested in (you may run for more than one position, but may only be elected to one).

2.     Prepare a 3-minute speech to present why you are suited for this role.

3.     Attend our Week 4 meeting (Monday 14th May), when elections will be held.